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6 Appendix B

6.1 Fatal codes
6.2 Error codes
6.3 Warning codes
6.4 GUI warning codes

6.1 Fatal codes

F-000: License failed
F-001: Time out in adding ports in hierarchies
F-002: Empty ID for nets
F-003: Pin connections processing fatal error
F-004: Net id not defined
F-005: Net is not in EpHash
F-006: Instance has not been mapped position in AUTO ECO
F-007: Instance has no name mapping in AUTO ECO
F-008: No net found for ECO instance/pin
F-009: Unknown connection type of instance/pin in AUTO ECO
F-010: Net has no name mapping in AUTO ECO
F-011: Failed to initialize database
F-012: MCell get sub-chains error
F-013: No tree has been defined
F-014: No ID for leaf cell pin
F-015: Undefined subroutine in GofCall script
F-016: Global symbol requires explicit package name
F-017: Syntax Error
F-018: Illegal Division by zero
F-019: Bare word not allowed
F-020: Can't locate Perl module
F-021: File size too large for evaluation mode
F-022: Internal error in make miss

6.2 Error codes

E-001: Reference netlist has not been loaded
E-002: DEF file has missing section
E-003: Command line needs an option for a switch
E-004: Liberty files have not been loaded
E-005: Library cell doesn't exist
E-006: Delete middle bit in a bus
E-007: Unknown command line option
E-008: Win32 doesn't support .gz file
E-009: DEF file doesn't have DIEAREA item
E-010: Files loading sequence
E-011: Instance or pin or port can't be found in module
E-012: Net doesn't exists in module
E-013: Tree name doesn't exist
E-014: Hierarchical module name doesn't exist
E-015: Miss argument
E-016: Module stack is empty, too many pop_top
E-017: 'instance/pin' has wrong format
E-018: Instance or module doesn't exist
E-019: Instance doesn't have pin
E-020: Item is a black box
E-021: Missing DEF file
E-022: No reference for instance
E-023: 'leaf/pin' doesn't exist
E-024: Power connection format is wrong
E-025: Spare cell pattern is not specified
E-026: Spare list file doesn't exist
E-027: 'get_spare_cells' run before 'map_spare_cells'
E-028: 'instance/pin' is floating
E-029: New instance conflicts with existing one
E-030: Specify leaf:num in more than one output leaf
E-031: Instance should be leaf in change_gate
E-032: Syntax error in pin mapping
E-033: The new gate type should be different from the old one in change_gate
E-034: Leaf cell doesn't exist in libraries
E-035: Net doesn't have a driver
E-036: Instance name has special character that the tool doesn't support
E-037: Wrong argument in ECO APIs
E-038: Net has multiple drivers
E-039: Not a port
E-040: New port conflicts with existing one
E-041: Single bit wire can't be expanded to a bus
E-042: New port direction conflicts with existing one
E-043: Commands loading sequence
E-044: Nets in one ECO command should be in the same hierarchy
E-045: Missing scan control pins
E-046: Reference netlist is not loaded
E-047: Fail to open file for write
E-048: Fail to open file for read
E-049: Unable to recognize file format
E-050: Command line option needs a value
E-051: Path doesn't exist
E-052: Leaf should have only one output pin
E-053: New net conflicts with existing one
E-054: Instance ECO result not consistent
E-056: Net has no driver
E-057: Net has invalid BDD
E-059: Not enough resource to run synthesis
E-060: Not valid patch file
E-061: No spare cell for one gate type
E-062: Output port is driven by input port
E-063: Reference register doesn't exist in implementation netlist
E-064: No inverter in the database
E-067: Should add instance into fix_logic argument
E-071: Port doesn't exist in hierarchical instance
E-072: Black box instance doesn't exist in implementation netlist in AUTO ECO
E-076: Spare cells list file has Wrong format
E-080: GOF_KEY_FILE variable has not been defined
E-081: Use '-run' to run Perl script
E-082: Gtech file doesn't exist
E-085: Syntax error in netlist
E-101: No hierarchical path is used
E-102: Interrupt GUI operation by user
E-103: 'read_def' should be run before 'get_spare_cells'
E-105: Load specific file without the right option
E-106: Source ID can't be deleted
E-109: Found combinational loop
E-110: Implementation Netlist has not been loaded
E-112: Can't find pin direction

6.3 Warning codes

W-001: Bypass already loaded file
W-002: DEF has some section missing
W-003: DEF has module not resolved
W-004: No ECO pin specified for ECO instance
W-005: Not enough spare cells
W-006: DEF file not loaded
W-007: Leaf cell doesn't have timing table
W-023: 'leaf/pin' doesn't exist
W-028: 'instance/pin' is floating
W-038: Net has multiple drivers
W-054: Instance ECO result not consistent
W-055: Net ECO result not consistent
W-056: Net is not driven
W-060: Invalid patch file
W-061: No spare cell for one gate type
W-065: Tie floating input pin to zero
W-066: New port created in AUTO ECO
W-068: Hierarchical cell is created in AUTO ECO
W-069: Set don't touch Warning
W-070: Can't find repeaters
W-073: 'instance/pin' is inverted but being forced to be equal by user
W-074: 'instance/pin' is forced to be inverted by user
W-075: Net returned wrong BDD
W-077: No size information for a leaf
W-078: Module is redefined
W-079: Instance can't be resolved in GTECH
W-080: Leaf cell can't be resolved in module
W-083: Can't read MAC Address
W-084: Sub-module can't be resolved
W-086: Include file doesn't exist
W-087: Bit-width mismatch in instantiation
W-088: Zero fanin endpoint
W-089: Can't find ECO instance position
W-090: Empty instance name in patch file
W-091: ECO net has no fanout
W-092: New input port created and needs to be connected
W-093: New ID created for end point
W-094: Can't detect port phase in module
W-095: Port or net is forced to be equal by user
W-096: Port and net has mismatching bit-width
W-097: Schematic only feature
W-098: Force to use 1'b0/1'b1 in AUTO ECO
W-099: Can't fix timing, since lacking valid points
W-100: No lib name for a leaf cell
W-104: Module is defined as leaf cell but has definition in the netlist
W-107: Module is set as a leaf by user
W-108: Module is not uniquified
W-111: No need to set path prefix
W-112: Can't find pin direction
W-113: Different types of flops in IMP and REF

6.4 GUI warning codes

GW-001: Don't connect net to a new created connector
GW-002: Don't connect two ECO connectors
GW-003: Don't drive an output port by a cell in different hierarchy in ECO
GW-004: Forward trace a port's driver before insertion
GW-005: Net doesn't exist in design
GW-006: Can't load cell to schematic
GW-007: Trace output pin before delete the gate
GW-008: Can't delete a gate which drives an output port
GW-009: Can't delete a wire which drives an output port
GW-010: Need select a gate to do a operation
GW-011: Can't change ECO gate size
GW-012: No larger size gate in library
GW-013: No smaller size gate in library
GW-014: Connect other side of ECO port first
GW-015: Path is not allowed in port connection
GW-016: Can't disable ECO mode
GW-017: No more ECO operations in undo
GW-018: Need select a pin to do listing endpoints


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