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Get information of a module or instance


$data = get_cell_info($module_or_inst, @options); $module_or_inst: The module or instance's name @options: -help: Print this information -conns: Get Connections of the item, only when it's instance -type: Get the item's type information. It can be 'ff','cg,'latch','buf', run 'get_lib_cells -type_info' for all existing type in the current libraries An array is returned if this option is present -libname: Get the library name that the cell is in -area: Get the area of the item -size: Get the size of the item -leakage: Get the leakage of the item -ref: Same as 'get_ref instance' if the item property is instance -context: Get detail library information -attribute attribute_name: Check if the cell has the attribute set. 0 or 1 is returned $data: Returned data, if '-attribute' option is present, $data is 0 or 1 In option is '-conns' case, It is a hash having the following data structure my $module = $hash->{module}; my $instance: $hash->{instance}; foreach my $port (keys %{$hash->{connections}}){ my $net = $hash->{connections}{$port}; }

If no option is present, it return the item's property: leaf_instance leaf_module hierarchical_instance hierarchical_module


#1. Get area of one leaf cell my $area = get_cell_info("AND2X2", "-area");

#2. Get an attribute of one leaf cell my $is_iso = get_cell_info("ISOX2", "-attribute", "is_isolation_cell");



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